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Last Updated On: Monday, October 31st, 2016 - 9:31PM PST

While at Prelaunch I noticed a lot of our community members were active YouTubers whom were asking permission to make video of some of titles.

The business landscape has changed immensely in recent times, where most companies no longer seek to remove "copyrighted" content on YouTube, but are actually willing to pay for the free exposure.

I put together small YouTube agency in which mid-sized YouTubers will make videos of upcoming titles in exchange for in-game items. This service has been purchased by such companies as Square Enix, Gree, and Bandai Namco.

Name Subscribers Example
Touch Gameplay 536, 390
Rhymestyle 396, 224
GoCaliber Gaming 307, 126
Mr.Happy1227 100, 424
Casual Gamer Reed 87, 231

YouTube Relationships
Links To Specific Examples
Touch Gameplay (536k)
Rhymestyle (396k)
GoCaliber Gaming (307k)
Mr.Happy1227 (100k)
Casual Gamer Reed (87k)
Techzamazing (80k)
Lets Play MMO's (71k)
Dantastic (67k)
Flash Final Vegeta (46k)
Smash Gaming! (40k)
ProAPK (39k)
GameZone (33k)
MMO Attack (30k)
Android Game (30k)
Mob Gaming (26k)
MMO' (26k)
William Bang (25k)
Jaymeon (25k)
HollowCookie Gaming (24k)
biohazardisonline (20k)
Maximumandroid (19k)
FrokNok3 (18k)
Captain Clash
FlyingPandaTV (17k)
William The UnproPro (16k)
ZeroTerrorGames (13k)
AnimeTV Gamer (13k)
MrMacRight (9k)
dorklessons (8k)
Solbash Gaming (7k)
Mogawty Official (7k)
Gamer Gentix (5k)
Android Uploader (4k)
Arnos Channel (4k)
UltraAwesome66 (3k)
Larry Chupacabra (3k)
Aliahsan (2k)
AndroidGamer TMG (2k)
PrettyBoiiGames (2k)
Fireborn (1k)
Genesis Games (1k)
IOS/Android Gameplay (1k)
Kru Games (1k)

Friendly Collaborators
ProJared (833k)
TrumpSC (718k)
Akidearest (693k)
AndGameplay4You (250k)
Dark Pixel (187k)
Kinetic GTR (102k)
Ushi Gaming (99k)
Xeleko (94k)
Pixel Planet (77k)
APKNo1 (30k)
FadedDragonTear (25k)
SDroidGameplaysTV (22k)
Gameplay Dorid (5k)
Sloth (4k)
FFRK Brotherhood (2k)

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