Hard Work Should Be Proven!
Last Updated On: Monday, October 31, 2016 - 9:17PM PST

Reddit is possibly the most useful tool for attracting high quality core-gamers. Gamers who are willing to spend hundreds of monthly dollars within a game they enjoy are highly likely to also be Redditors.

I created a pretty slick template that allows me to make a unique reddit in 15 minutes or less.

While managing Prelaunch, I decided to start making reddits for games that entered our "Top 10" rankings. I would then turn this reddit over to the developer who may do with it as they please.

Ken  Asakura    
Position:  CEO Adways Interactive Relationship:  Direct Manager
Adam is the hardest worker I have ever worked with. His commitment, work ethics and positive attitude is contagious and he certainly inspired me to work harder and become a better senior to him. Adam is innovative, clever and not afraid to voice his creative ideas. He was inexperienced when I hired him and that was a concern but I am glad I made the decision to work with him.

Damon  Sakai    
Position:  Country Manager Adways Relationship:  Direct Manager
Adam is one of the best team members you can find. He has helped launch Adways' pre-reg product in the U.S. and build its active community. He is one of the harderst workers I know and brings success to every team he works on.

Vadim  Zaltsberg    
Position:  User Aquisition Specialist Relationship:  Colleague
Working with Adam was an absolute pleasure. He not only gets what it takes to make the office environment successful, but he is an extremely hard working, detail oriented, and diligent employee. I saw Adam take on multiple tasks and step up to the plate to assist others in need. Adam is highly motivated and would make a great asset to any team.

Kenatro  Sekine    
Position:  Director Business Development Relationship:  Colleague
Adam is a hardworking fellow who has an atmosphere to make the office cheerful. His innovative ideas as a community manager made a lot of impact on our product. As he was always saying, he doesn't treat his position just as a job but he always get into it, love the position, and commit. I learned tons of things from him.

Coleman  Maher    
Position:  Real Estate Professional Relationship:  Friend
Adam is extremely hard working and passionate about what he does. He will go the extra mile and is very focused on his performance and that of his company.

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