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I've been apart of online gaming communities since the prehistoric days of the internet. The first gaming community I created was a yahoo group circa 1995 entitled

I've had many websites comes and go over the years, especially with the extinction of geocities, but remained very active among various communities.

I don't view community management as a job, since it's something I'd just be doing anyhow!

Fighters vs Fighters
DESCRIPTION:  Mixed Martial Arts and Competitive E-Gaming among the fighting genre are very similar. They each involve one on one competition at an officially sanctioned event that results in a win/loss record.

Fighters vs Fighters seek to take the established record keeping & ranking system associated with Mixed Martial Arts, and apply it to E-Gaming.

(This is currently a "proof of concept" mock up)

Mortal Kombat Nightmares
DESCRIPTION:  Crreated on Halloween of 1996 as a fan site, MK Nightmares quickly rose to prominence becomming the top Mortal Kombat web-site of the new millenium!

The domain & content was sold to a rival community in 2002, which was later morphed into Mortal Kombat Online (The current largest MK site on the net). Shortly after a new site called Earthrealm took the place and feel of the old Mk Nightmares community, where it remained until 2010.

When the franchise was purahsed by Warner Bros the domain name of became availble during the transition. MK Nightmares was ressurected, but now serves largely as a content placeholder just to hold onto the domain name itself. Hopefully, one day Warner Bros will seek to recoup it.

Marvel Heroes Community Voting Poll
DESCRIPTION:   Marvel Heroes is an online MMO created by Diablo mastermind David Brevik, and run by San Mateo studio Gazillian.

Since its inception in 2013, the beggining of each year is accompanied by a presale package called an "Advanced Pack". These packs contain 12 brand new characters that will be introduced over the course of the comming year (roughly once a month). After the announcement of the Advanced Pack 2, I created and maintained a topic entitled "Vote For Advanced Pack 3".

Users would use the comments to place their votes and I would tally up the results, and update the initial topic. Each result was acommpanied by a humourus write up recapping the changes in position. This topic was maintained for an entire year, and garnered over 60 thousand views, and 1,000 replies. The topic itself was refereced and favorited by several Gaz employees, and srongly hinted that it helped influence their decision making.


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