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Last Updated On: Monday, October 31st, 2016 - 9:49PM PST

The Gypsy Logo is an image of voodoo string doll that is easily recognizable as an "Official User" without any prior initiation or accompanying tags. It "stands out from the crowd" while being friendly and approachable.

The Icon is largely faceless, and can be managed and transferred easily without hassle. This icon is used to represent moderators, staff, and friendly associates (Streamers, volunteers, etc).

The Colored Gypsys
DESCRIPTION:  Colored Gypsys represent moderators, usually volunteered users. Each colored Gypsy is manned by at least 2 people, usually 3 or more. In this regard a colored Gypsy is not associated with an individual person, but rather a game or product.

For instance, Gypsy Red (a team of 4 people) may manage all RPG titles, while Gypsy Orange (a team of 3 people) may manage all City Builder games.

The Metal Gypsys
DESCRIPTION:   Metal Gypsys are reserved for community management staff. These icons can be represented by individuals or job title. For instance, all interns could be Gypsy Bronze, while a single person is Gypsy Silver.

Metal Gypsys are immediately assumed to hold more power than Colored Gypsys, and are able to make “official announcements” without any prior explanation.

The Royal Gypsys
DESCRIPTION:  Royal Gypsys are staff outside the community management team. Their activity may be limited to sporadic single appearances. Their rarity means that when they do pop up, users will instinctively pay close attention, even if the post made is of a casual nature.

The Gypsy Gangsters
DESCRIPTION:  The Gypsy Gangsters is a brand associated with any form of live streaming partnership. In this regard established streamers can run guest streams for release parties, giveaways, or other promotional purposes.

During the stream, the chat will be monitored by the Gypsy Hollywood moniker, which will be operated by multiple personal.


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Colored Gypsys
Gypsy Red
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Metal Gypsys
Gypsy Silver
Gypsy Bronze

Royal Gypsys
Gypsy King
Gypsy Duke
Gypsy Jack

Streaming Gypsy
Gypsy Hollywood

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