Over 500 Game Communites Built!
Last Updated On: Wednesday, October 31, 2016 - 8:15PM PST

When I was managing the platform I was responsible for building and maintaning the individual communities.

Each game that came onto the Prelaunch platform was equipped with a message board for gamer-2-gamer interaction, and a developer blog section (dubbed "News") which was used for gamer-2-developer interaction.

Browse some of the communities below, and also check out the sidebar for much, much more!

Justice  Monsters V    
Company:  Square Enix          IP:  Final Fantasy

Bleach Brave Souls    
Company:  K-Lab Global          IP:  BLEACH

Digimon  Heroes    
Company:  Bandai Namco          IP:  Digimon

Zenonia  S    
Company:  Gamevil          IP:  Zenonia

Forsaken  World    
Company:  Fedeen          IP:  Perfect World

Mobius  FF    
Company:  Square Enix          IP:  Final Fantasy

Metal Slug  Attack    
Company:  SNK          IP:  Metal Slug

BlazBlue  RR    
Company:  91Act          IP:  BlazBlue

Kings  Knight    
Company:  Square Enix          IP:  Final Fantasy

Company:  4:33          IP:  Original

N4S:  No Limits    
Company:  EA Games          IP:  Need 4 Speed

Elsword Evolution    
Company:  Siamgame          IP:  Elsword

Casual  Warrior    
Company:  Elex-Tech          IP:  Original

Naruto:  UNB    
Company:  Bandai Namco          IP:  NARUTO

Exos  Saga    
Company:  Eyedentity          IP:  Original

Sword  of Chaos    
Company:  KORAM Game          IP:  Chaos Saga

Kill  Me Again    
Company:  NHN          IP:  Original

Marvel:  COC    
Company:  KABAM!          IP:  Marvel Comics

Heroes Of Skyrealm    
Company:  6 Waves          IP:  Original

DBZ  Dokkan Battle    
Company:  Bandai Namco          IP:  Dragon Ball Z


More Communities
Links To Specific Examples
IP Titles
War Pirates
Assasins Creed Identity
Legend of Discord
Tales of Link
Grand Chase M
Star Wars Uprising
Dragon Blaze
Asdivine Dios
Mu Origins
Blade Sword of Elysion
Age of Wushu
Mabinogi Duel
Adventure Time (Dungeon Link)
Avengers Alliance 2
Chaos Legends
Wakfu Raiders
Taichi Panda
Taichi Panda Heroes
Summoner Wars
White Island: AFUD
Eternity Warrior 4
Iron Maiden
Plants Raid II
Ghost Busters Slime City
Batman Arkham City
Transformers: Earth Wars
Pac Man Mobile
Toy Defense 2
Little Raiders Robin
GI Joe: Strike
NBA Live Mobile
Ultimate Tennis
Tap My Katamari
The Sandbox 2
The Walking Dead
Final Fantasy IX
GTA Liberty City Stories
Kritika: White Knights
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
Heroes of Chaos
Invasion: Modern Empire
Gundam Seed Destiny

Original Titles
Lords Mobile
Mobile Strike
Clash Royale
Tome of the Sun
Avabel Online
Wonder5 Masters
Minimon Masters
Elemental Kingdoms
Angel Stone
War Dragons
Heroes of the Rift
Monster Age
Dream Warrior
Colopl Rune Story
Speedy Ninja
Light: Fellowship of Loux
Darkness Reborn
Dragon Heroes
Seven Guardians
Battle Champs
Valhalla Lost
Eternal Arena
Medal Masters
Fusion War
Magic Rush Heroes
Heroic Saga
Kingdom of War
Pocket Gothic
Eternal Adventure
League of War
Endless Battle
Wonder Tactics
Heroes of the Night
Ace of Arenas
Mighty Crew
Era of Heroes
Dragon Ecounters
Monster Raid
War Heart
Cosmic Love
Spirit Guardians
Dungeon Crash
Lance Town
Puzzel & Glory
Dawn of Gods
Primal Legends
Citadel Realms
2048 Busters
Clicker Heroes
Final Shot
Monster Castle
Critter Academy
Downtown Showdown
Rise of Kings
Paradise War
God Games
Dawn of Steal
9 Innings Manager
Crusaders of the Lost
Kings Road
Dungeon Legends
Tiny Realms
Zombie Zone
Lords of Magic
Guardian Stone
Party of Heroes
Slime Dungeon
Fortress Legends
Zombie Corps
Trivia Saga
Dark Empire
Spirit Masters
Brave Cross
League of Angels
Spark of Space
Anti Infection
Forge of Titans
Guild of Heroes
LOG: EP-01
Star Crusade

Independent Titles
Core Element
Pocket Platoons
Star Chasers
3 Kings Charge
Youth Zombies
Z War
Punch Club
Dragon Hunter
Earth Keeper
Mad Zone
Epic War
Ultimate Jan Ken Pon
Survive Mr. Cube
Exiled Kingdoms
Monster Mountain
Slayaway Camp
Pig Bang
Death Road To Canada
Dead Smile
Nonstop Battle
Martin V
Dark Dot
Real City Gangster II
High School Simulator
Slash Quest
Undead Clicker
Teen Hero & The 8-Bit Hero
Asgard Run
Sausage Legend
Third Kingdom
Splash Pop
Spooky Dore
Dungelot: Shattered Lands
Super Phantom Cat
Exit Hero
War of Glory
Legend of War
Tap Minions
Era of Empire
Tap Knight
Warrior Invincible
Battledawn: Earth Arena
Dragon Fighters
Templar Battleforce
Final Fortress
Heroes Quest
Castle TD
Gladiator Bastards
Swipey Rogue
Air Kingdoms
Combo Knigh
Max Quiz
How To Die
Ali Baba Saga
Super Steampuff
Cosmic Badger
Getaway Driver
Ultimate Zombie FC
Networld Game

Steam & PC Titles
Revelation Online
Mighty No. 9
Blade Ballet
Monsters & Monacles
Orcs Must Die
The Final Station
Planetary Prospectors
Star Crusade CCG
Holo Bunnies

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