Game Icons Are Just Box Art For The Modern Era!
Last Updated On: Monday, October 31, 2016 - 8:39PM PST kept a monthly "developer blog" that was distributed via the developer section of our website & monthly newsletter!

Created by our marketing manager, who contributed the first entry, I was asked to continue the blog after the initial post gained very little traction.

My "Game Icon" blog actually helped inspire several of our clients to redesign their current icons. These included: Battledawn Earth Arena, Heroes of the Rift, and Battle Earth!

Game Icons
"The Modern Era's Boxart"

Professional Fanboy
"A Sucess & Survival Guide To Game Conventions"

Gameing Comprehension
"Using A Gamers Attetion Span To Your Advantage"

Must Be A Gamer!
"Best way to break into the industry is to Love What You Do"

Overused Titles
"Fight Against Mediocrity & Be Unique"

Gamers Are Like Puppies!
"Just show a little love to gain your loyal companions!"

The BvS Conundrum
Engagement 101

Gift vs No Gift
"Does Giving A Gifr Really Make A Difference?"

Snapchat Enlightement
"Snapchat Proves That Our Jobs Are Awesome!"

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Blog Titles
Game Icons
Professional FanBoy
Gaming Compehension
Must Be A Gamer
Overused Midcore Titles
Gamers Are Like Puppies
The BvS Conundrum
Gift vs No Gift
Snapchat Self-Enlightenment

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