Fighter vs Fighter Launches
Wednesday, June 20, 2015 - 11:39AM EDT

Fighter vs Fighter is the first online publication that blurs the line between Real Life Fighters and the Iconic Video Game Characters that we have come to love, and some cases idolize. I myself am a professional fighter and it took me a while to realize it, but all of my combat sport peers always shared my love for fighting games. The competive one-on-one nature of combat sports transfers nicely into fighting games and vice versa. This drive to seek out competion is the ke the combines both worlds together and is the reason why it is nearly impossible to find a martial artist that does not play fighting games or a fighting game eficiando that is not interested in martial arts. In a nutshell, UFC and Street Fighter are like peanute butter and jelly, and this web-site, it is going to be your sandwich shop. ;-)

You can expect alot of different content from this site, ranging from video interviews with Professional Fighter's about their favorite characters to a uique MMA inspired ranking system for Professional Fighting Gamers. That Tomy Brady will be battling for that top P4P spot!


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